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1° Probiotics:
Definition: A probiotic is a living micro-organism (either yeasts or bacteria) having a beneficial action on the ingesting host. On a healthy subject, they have a immune-stimulating effect. If not, they decrease the intestinal inflammation. The probiotic secrete cytokines anti-inflammatory drugs and stimulate the ‘phagocytosis’ and the production of the lymphocytes B and T. They decrease the duration of the infectious episodes. They increase the rate d’ Ig A and the tolerance towards cow’s milk proteins. Certain probiotic have capacities to reinforce the epithelial barrier of the small intestine. They allow also to avoid an inappropriate inflammatory answer especially to the level of the plates of Peyer and the mesenteric ganglia. The ‘bifidus’ has an antibacterial activity by the production of ‘bacteriocine’, lactic and acetic acids which decrease the pH and inhibit the proliferation of the pathogenic ones. The probiotic improve also the assimilation of the amino-acids and can even manufacture them.

Indications in favor of the probiotics:
– Intestinal Pains and syndrome of irritable intestine: distensions, pains and disorders of the transit
– Post-antibiotic diarrheas: prevention and treatment by balancing the intestinal flora
– Infantile Diarrheas
– The intestinal transit time improves by the production of enzymes: for example the lactobacillus secrete the beta-galactosidase (if it is absent the lactose, principal glucide of milk, cannot be hydrolyzed, this involves an intolerance with cow’s milk) which facilitates the digestion of glucose
– Constipation: the lactobacillus reduce the need of laxatives
– Help to fight the intestinal candidoses
– Digestive Colitis and inflammation
– Cholesterol (to be shown)
– Reduction and prevention of food allergies

The usage of probiotics does not present any counter-indications and can thus be consumed without any risk.

2° Curcuma, also called Turmeric:

Boosts your antioxidant protection against free radicals.
Used in Eastern kitchen and within the Ayurvedic medicine; contains ‘curcumine’ which is an antioxidant much more powerful than the vitamin E

  • Helps promote your healthy skin
  • Supports your overall eye health
  • Provides you immune system support
  • Aids your skeletal system and joint health
  • Encourages your healthy liver function
  • Helps you maintain healthy cells with support against free radicals
  • Balances the health of your digestive system
  • Aids you in support of healthy blood and your circulatory system
  • Helps you maintain normal cholesterol levels to support your cardiovascular system
  • Assists your neurological system’s healthy response to stress
  • Promotes a healthy female reproductive system
  • Helps you maintain blood sugar levels already within the normal range

3° Fermented buckwheat:
The ferments of life are multi-fermented preparations of buckwheat of which the bioelectronics can check the beneficial effects, it are strong antioxidants and cellular balancers. The multiple fermentation allows to obtain 3 phenomena:

– an input of electrons which is the energy the body uses to function

– an input of multiple ferments and enzymes which ensure a good functioning of cellular breathing and which scrape the clogged cells

– this product reconstitutes or balances the intestinal flora.
These 3 phenomena allow the organism to manufacture energy, to function all alone and to release itself from toxins.

For the usage of the ferments the rH² value is used as compass. In the bioelectronics of Vincent a high value of blood rH ² indicates an oxidized ‘terrain’ which misses electrons. Using the ferments of life causes the needed drop in rH².

The amounts recommended and the time of result vary according to the seniority and from the gravity of physiological imbalance, of the age of the subject, its lifestyle and its psychological and emotional environment. A 4 months cure is preferable (3 weeks of use, 1 week of stop x4).

Netweight: 50 gram powder in sealed container, comes with plastic spoon. One standard package equals 6 weeks of daily usage (2 months cure/person).

Take a 1 gram flush spoon of powder at evening and dilute in small amount of low mineralized water. Add extra water, stir up with ‘plastic’ spoon and drink in morning on empty stomach. The food supplements must be used within the framework of a healthy lifestyle and not as substitutes for a balanced diet.

Warning: do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place. Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing.


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